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Pet Nest, Cat Kitten Puppy Dog Kennel Yurt Winter Dualuse Removable and Washable House Cave Nest Bed Basket (color 7, Size M) Soft Pet qakqhb2435-New pet supplies

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Pet Nest, Cat Kitten Puppy Dog Soft Kennel Yurt Winter Dualuse Removable and Washable Pet House Cave Nest Bed Basket (color   7, Size   M)

Having an understanding of what birds eat is important when it comes to having an overall idea of their preferred diets. Every bird has a different dietary preference, and if the preferences are known for different birds then this can be used to your advantage when birding or searching for birds in the wild. Thank...

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A visit to a laboratory in Honolulu, Hawaii, where a team of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are tackling the problem of ocean plastic.

The preliminary round of the 31st annual National Geographic GeoBee, a competition designed to inspire and reward students’ curiosity about the world, was held today.

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Seabirds have made numerous adaptations to living on and feeding in the sea. Species such as the wandering albatross, which forage over huge areas of sea, have a reduced capacity for powered flight and are dependent on a type of gliding called dynamic soaring as well as slope soaring. Seabirds also almost always have webbed...

Pet Nest, Cat Kitten Puppy Dog Kennel Yurt Winter Dualuse Removable and Washable House Cave Nest Bed Basket (color 7, Size M) Soft Pet qakqhb2435-New pet supplies

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Plastic has become so commonplace that it’s easy to ignore our dependence on it. A new National Geographic exhibition endeavors to change that by showcasing the global plastic waste crisis and highlighting innovators working to solve this urgent issue. The “Planet or Plastic?” exhibition builds upon National Geographic’s multiyear global initiative aimed at raising awareness about the crisis to reduce the amount of single-use plastic reaching the ocean.

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We asked our @InsideNatGeo followers to share questions they have about the "Sea to Source: Ganges" expedition and how they can reduce single-use plastic in their lives- check out this post for answers from National Geographic Explorer, multimedia storyteller and expedition team member Lillygol Sedaghat.

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Bird watching has become an  exciting hobby that anyone can take part in. Some people doing it casually, while others are confirmed birders who plan expeditions to far off places on the chance of seeing a particular type of bird. Learning about different birds from different parts of the world is a never-ending pursuit. Thank...

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Learn more about Kavita Gupta, a chemistry teacher who will be honored with the National Geographic Gilbert M. Grosvenor Educator of the Year award in June 2019. Kavita sat down with National Geographic Chief Education Officer Vicki Phillips for an interview.

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Learn about National Geographic's annual Explorers Festival and get a first look at the 2019 award recipients.

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Most passerines are smaller than typical members of other avian orders. The heaviest and altogether largest passerines are the Thick-billed Raven and the larger races of Common Raven. The foot of a passerine has three toes directed forward and one toe directed backward, called anisodactyl arrangement. This arrangement has evolved in a way that enables...

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Meet the all female team who will embark on expeditions to study plastic pollution in one of the world’s most iconic waterways, the Ganges river, and help identify solutions to the plastic waste crisis.

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Source: WUSA9

March 25, 2019